Startklar / Startklar Plus / Startklar Classic / Startklar Classic Plus  

Sports insurance for events in Sweden e.g. Engelbrektsloppet, Vasaloppet, Stockholm Marathon, Vätternrundan but also for smaller events.  

Cancellation insurance

  • Provides protection against cancellation costs (entry fees) in case of acute illness, accident or pregnancy if you are not able to take part in a race in Sweden.*
  • The insurance is also valid in case of close relatives illness, accident or death.*
  • Maximum compensation is SEK 2 500 for a single race and a total of SEK 5 000 a year.
  • The reason for the cancellation must have occured after the insurance was taken out and paid for.

* You must be able to verify the  reason for the cancellation with a certificate/document from a doctor.  

Accident insurance                                                                                                  

  • Accident insurance is included in Startklar and Startklar Classic when you participate in a race and during travel in Sweden to and from the race.
  • Accident insurance is included in Startklar Plus and Startklar Classic Plus when you participate in a race and during travel in Sweden to and from the race. Plus every time you train in Sweden.

The price in SEK is 155 for Startklar, 275 for Startklar Plus, 195 for Startklar Classic and 345 for Startklar Classic Plus.

The insurances are valid in Sweden for one year (Startklar and Startklar Plus) or 15 months (Startklar Classic and Startklar Classic Plus).

You can buy the insurance here.

- Claims shall be reported to the insurance company Svedea, telephone +46 (0) 771-160 199.

- Insurance provider is Svedea AB, Stockholm, Sweden, org.no 556786-1678. The insurances are administered by Försäkringskompetens i Uppsala  AB, Sweden, org.no 556584-5624.

Note! This is a brief description in English of the insurance. In the event of a dispute regarding the content and interpretation of the terms and conditions in "VILLKOR Startklar, Startklar Plus, Startklar Classic, Startklar Classic Plus  G:545:3", the original Swedish wording shall always prevail.